Defibrillator now in the Community Park

Thanks to the support of Boston Scientific, who have donated  a defibrillator, we now have the unit installed in The Community Park.

The unit is located on the southern end of the All Weather Pitch on the side wall of the Power Distribution Pillar . It is contained within a special enclosure which has a heating & cooling system and an alarmed locking mechanism. Should the unit be opened it will trigger an alarm and send a signal to a series of mobile phones locally. The enclosure was purchased  thanks to the assistance of St Michaels National School, who raised €800 at the school show in June 2011, with the balance provided by the Community Council.

Following two training sessions presented by The Red Cross, 42 people from the Community have been trained to use the unit and further courses will be held in the coming weeks. So if you have an interest in this training please text your interest to 086 817 6660 leaving your Name & Number and you will be contacted by return when the course is arranged. It is important that coaches and their colleagues from the various sports clubs be trained in the use of this unit. Training is not restricted to sports clubs and all people from the community are welcome.

 Access to the unit is by using a special code which is given to those trained to use the unit. If there are people in the Community who are already trained to use a defibrillator, they should make themselves known and the code will be issued to them on presentation of a “Defibrillator Training Course” certificate

It is hoped it will be treated with the respect it deserves as it is a vital piece of life saving equipment for everyone’s benefit.

Well done and thanks again to Boston Scientific and St Michaels’s School Clerihan

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