Ban on Smoky Coal. Some areas around Clerihan included.

South Tipperary County Council and Clonmel Borough Council are calling on all residents in the greater Clonmel area to stop burning smoky coal after the introduction of new regulations to ban the distribution and sale of smoky coal (bituminous coal) in Clonmel, and surrounding areas from the 1st of August 2011. This ban also applies to 16 other areas around the Country including Kilkenny and Waterford. The regulations have been made to protect air quality and public health from harmful emissions which result from the burning of coal with a high sulphur content (known as bituminous or smoky coal).

The ban applies to the urban area but also extends north as far as Mullaghnoney, Mylerstown, Rathduff Upper, Rathronan and Ballyvaughan, west as far as Jamestown, Rathkevin and Loughtally, and east as far as Redmondstown and Twomilebridge.

You can check the map here which shows the area around Clonmel where the ban will be enforced. As you can see, some areas to the SE of Clerihan are affected.

Map where the sale of smoky coal is banned

While traders can still store smoky coal at their premise within the restricted area, it is illegal to sell, market or distribute this type of coal. A trader offering smoky coal for sale from a premise within the restricted area is breaking the law and risks prosecution by South Tipperary County Council for non-compliance with the regulations. South Tipperary County Council Enforcement Officers will be carrying out spot checks on all traders within the area. The marketing, distribution and sale of banned fuel can attract a fine up to €1270 and/or up to six months imprisonment upon conviction in the District Court. For further information contact the Environment Section, Old Museum, Parnell Street, Clonmel on 1800 202627 or email

Q. Can I still burn smoky coal or other fuel if I am within the banned area?

It is only illegal to sell smoky coal in the banned area. It is not illegal to burn it in your home, but South Tipp CC are calling on all houses in the banned area to do their bit and not burn smoky coal.