Clerihan or Ballyclerihan?

Meanwhile, for anyone who might be confused about whether it’s Clerihan, Ballyclerihan or Ballyclearahan – as the village sometimes gets called – Fr Ailbe O’Bric has definitive news. “Clerihan is the name of the village, and nothing else. Ballyclerihan is a townland, but Clerihan is the village.” Originally comprised of three parishes – Newchapel, Ballyclerihan and Colman – it became one many years ago and is now Clerihan. Simple as that.

5 thoughts on “Clerihan or Ballyclerihan?”

  1. Maybe we could start an on-line petition and put it on here to get the Council to change the signs coming into the village to Clerihan?

  2. The village as it exists now called Clerihan grew up around the estate in Knockeevan ,the church and a Bianconi staging post in the 1800’s. Ballyclerihan the original village was adjacent to the old grave yard where the remains of the old church can be seen. Marks in the field behind the church show clearly where the houses once existed. Ballyclerihan is said to have taken its name from the local chieftains Mockler or Mocléir, whose land went from near D’Arcys Cross to Grangemockler. Anyone interested in setting up historical society?

  3. My word might mean nothing but, personally I’d prefer the village to be called Clerihan because as much as I hear around town and from friends, everyone calls it Clerihan. The only time I’ve heard Ballyclerihan used is from my manager when we were on our way into the village to play a soccer match.

  4. I was born in Kockeevan, Clerihan. It was always and ever called that in my lifetime. If their was a funeral going to the old graveyard, it was going to Ballyclerihan. So, I would prefer Clerihan. Thanks for the wonderful history.

  5. Thanks for you comment. We’d love if you had any old photo’s of Clerihan that you could allow us to put on the site.

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